Amy Lowell

Here you will find the Poem Diya of poet Amy Lowell


Look, Dear, how bright the moonlight is to-night! 
See where it casts the shadow of that tree 
Far out upon the grass. And every gust 
Of light night wind comes laden with the scent 
Of opening flowers which never bloom by day: 
Night-scented stocks, and four-o'clocks, and that 
Pale yellow disk, upreared on its tall stalk, 
The evening primrose, comrade of the stars. 
It seems as though the garden which you love 
Were like a swinging censer, its incense 
Floating before us as a reverent act 
To sanctify and bless our night of love. 
Tell me once more you love me, that 't is you 
Yes, really you, I touch, so, with my hand; 
And tell me it is by your own free will 
That you are here, and that you like to be 
Just here, with me, under this sailing pine. 
I need to hear it often for my heart 
Doubts naturally, and finds it hard to trust. 
Ah, Dearest, you are good to love me so, 
And yet I would not have it goodness, rather 
Excess of selfishness in you to need 
Me through and through, as flowers need the sun. 
I wonder can it really be that you 
And I are here alone, and that the night 
Is full of hours, and all the world asleep, 
And none can call to you to come away; 
For you have given all yourself to me 
Making me gentle by your willingness. 
Has your life too been waiting for this time, 
Not only mine the sharpness of this joy? 
Dear Heart, I love you, worship you as though 
I were a priest before a holy shrine. 
I'm glad that you are beautiful, although 
Were you not lovely still I needs must love; 
But you are all things, it must have been so 
For otherwise it were not you. Come, close; 
When you are in the circle of my arm 
Faith grows a mountain and I take my stand 
Upon its utmost top. Yes, yes, once more 
Kiss me, and let me feel you very near 
Wanting me wholly, even as I want you. 
Have years behind been dark? Will those to come 
Bring unguessed sorrows into our two lives? 
What does it matter, we have had to-night! 
To-night will make us strong, for we believe 
Each in the other, this is a sacrament. 
Beloved, is it true?