Ann Taylor

Here you will find the Poem About the Little Girl that Beat Her Sister of poet Ann Taylor

About the Little Girl that Beat Her Sister

Go, go, my naughty girl, and kiss
Your little sister dear; 
I must not have such things as this,
And noisy quarrels here. 

What! little children scratch and fight,
That ought to be so mild;
Oh! Mary, it's a shocking sight
To see an angry child. 

I can't imagine, for my part, 
The reason for your folly; 
She did not do you any hurt
By playing with your dolly. 

See, see, the little tears that run
Fast from her watery eye: 
Come, my sweet innocent, have done,
'Twill do no good to cry. 

Go, Mary, wipe her tears away,
And make it up with kisses: 
And never turn a pretty play
To such a pet as this is.