Ann Taylor

Here you will find the Poem Come And Play In The Garden of poet Ann Taylor

Come And Play In The Garden

LITTLE sister, come away, 
And let us in the garden play,
For it is a pleasant day. 

On the grass-plat let us sit, 
Or, if you please, we'll play a bit, 
And run about all over it.

But the fruit we will not pick,
For that would be a naughty trick,
And very likely make us sick. 

Nor will we pluck the pretty flowers
That grow about the beds and bowers,
Because you know they are not ours. 

We'll take the daisies, white and red,
Because mamma has often said
That we may gather then instead. 

And much I hope we always may
Our very dear mamma obey, 
And mind whatever she may say.