Ann Taylor

Here you will find the Poem Sophias Fools-Cap of poet Ann Taylor

Sophias Fools-Cap

SOPHIA was a little child, 
Obliging, good, and very mild,
Yet lest of dress she should be vain, 
Mamma still dress'd her well, but plain. 
Her parents, sensible and kind,
Wish'd only to adorn her mind; 
No other dress, when good, had she, 
But useful, neat simplicity. 

Though seldom, yet when she was rude,
Or ever in a naughty mood,
Her punishment was this disgrace,
A large fine cap, adorn'd with lace,
With feathers and with ribbons too;
The work was neat, the fashion new,
Yet, as a fool's-cap was its name,
She dreaded much to wear the same. 

A lady, fashionably gay,
Did to mamma a visit pay: 
Sophia stared, then whisp'ring said, 
'Why, dear mamma, look at her head! 
To be so tall and wicked too,
The strangest thing I ever knew:
What naughty tricks, pray, has she done,
That they have put that fool's-cap on? '