Ann Taylor

Here you will find the Poem The Disappointment of poet Ann Taylor

The Disappointment

IN tears to her mother poor Harriet came, 
Let us listen to hear what she says:
'O see, dear mamma, it is pouring with rain, 
We cannot go out in the chaise. 

'All the week I have long'd for this holiday so, 
And fancied the minutes were hours; 
And now that I'm dress'd and all ready to go, 
Do look at those terrible showers! ' 

'I'm sorry, my dear, ' her kind mother replied, 
The rain disappoints us to-day; 
But sorrow still more that you fret for a ride, 
In such an extravagant way.

'These slight disappointments are sent to prepare
For what may hereafter befall; 
For seasons of real disappointment and care, 
Which commonly happen to all. 

'For just like to-day with its holiday lost,
Is life and its comforts at best: 
Our pleasures are blighted, our purposes cross'd, 
To teach us it is not our rest.

'And when those distresses and crosses appear, 
With which you may shortly be tried, 
You'll wonder that ever you wasted a tear
On merely the loss of a ride. 

'But though the world's pleasures are fleeting and vain, 
Religion is lasting and true; 
Real pleasure and peace in her paths you may gain, 
Nor will disappointment ensue. '