Archibald Thomas Strong

Here you will find the Poem Sonnets of the Empire:Australia, 1902 of poet Archibald Thomas Strong

Sonnets of the Empire:Australia, 1902

Gallant is Spring along thy laughing hills, 
With wattle?s loveliest scent and gleam of gold, 
When the good rain hath quickened all thy mould, 
And the hot musk thine air with incense fills. 
Sweet is the chime of all thy tinkling rills, 
And fair thy Summer?s glory to behold, 
And soft is life for thee, the sunny-souled, 
Far from the world and all its olden ills. 

Yet ?tis not calm that builds the hero breed, 
High hearts are tempered ?neath a stormy star, 
Through want and danger doth the soul increase, 
Stern rings the clarion voice of Angel Need 
To bid thee vanquish self, and gaze afar 
And save thy soul alive from Harlot Peace.