Archibald Thomas Strong

Here you will find the Poem Sonnets of the Empire: Australia 1905 of poet Archibald Thomas Strong

Sonnets of the Empire: Australia 1905

Careless she lies along the Southern Main, 
The lovely maiden, wanton with the spell 
Of sun and vastness and the ocean swell: 
Northward the great gnomes watch her beauty, fain 
To snatch her wealth of gold and fleece and grain, 
And bend her being to their purpose fell: 
But she lies lazy, and the passing bell 
Of older glory stirs her sense in vain. 

Nor shall she wake and know her danger near 
Till some high heart and true, her fated lord, 
Shall kiss her lips, and all her will control, 
And fill her wayward heart with holy fear, 
And cross her forehead with his iron sword, 
And bring her strength, and armour, and a soul.