Archibald Thomas Strong

Here you will find the Poem Sonnets of the Empire: Dawn at Liverpool of poet Archibald Thomas Strong

Sonnets of the Empire: Dawn at Liverpool

The Sunlight laughs along the serried stone 
About whose feet the wastrel tide runs free; 
Light lie the shipmasts, fairy-like to see, 
Athwart the royal city?s splendour thrown; 
On runs the noble river, wide and lone, 
Like some great soul that presses to the sea 
Where life is rendered to eternity 
And eager thought hath rest in the Unknown. 

So sets thy tide, my country, to the deep 
Whose face is black with thunder near and far, 
And vexed with fleering gusts and tyrannous rain. 
Shall the cloud lift and give thee rest and sleep, 
Or wilt thou ?mid the surge and crash of war 
Shatter thy life against the invading main?