Benjamin Jonson

Here you will find the Poem The Metamorphosed Gypsies (excerpt) of poet Benjamin Jonson

The Metamorphosed Gypsies (excerpt)

The fairy beam upon you,
 The stars to glister on you;
 A moon of light
 In the noon of night,
 Till the fire-drake hath o'ergone you.
 The wheel of fortune guide you
 The boy with the bow beside you;
 Run aye in the way
 Till the bird of day,
 And the luckier lot betide you.

 To the old, long life and treasure,
 To the young, all health and pleasure;
 To the fair, their face
 With eternal grace,
 And the foul to be lov'd at leisure.
 To the witty, all clear mirrors,
 To the foolish, their dark errors;
 To the loving sprite,
 A secure delight;
 To the jealous, his own false terrors.