Charles Harpur

Here you will find the Poem Forward Ho! of poet Charles Harpur

Forward Ho!

Forward ho! Forward ho! Soldiers of liberty, 
Hope on; fight on; till man?s whole race shall be 
 Free of all good under heaven?s wide dome. 
And doubt not, the earth that has grown old in sorrow 
Shall grow young again in the light of that morrow 
 Predestined to make her fraternity?s home. 
Forward ho! Forward ho! Lovers of truth and good! 
Think on; write on; till earth?s whole herohood 
 Stand in one faith under heaven?s wide dome; 
And shout to behold all the hilltops adorning 
With sunflowers of glory the glow of that morning 
 Predestined to mark her fraternity?s home.