Charles Harpur

Here you will find the Poem Sonnet of poet Charles Harpur


SHE loves me! From her own bliss-breathing lips 
 The live confession came, like rich perfume 
 From crimson petals bursting into bloom! 
And still my heart at the remembrance skips 
Like a young lion, and my tongue too trips 
 As drunk with joy! while every object seen 
 In life?s diurnal round wears in its mien 
A clear assurance that no doubts eclipse. 
And if the common things of nature now 
 Are like old faces flushed with new delight, 
Much more the consciousness of that rich vow 
 Deepens the beauteous, and refines the bright, 
 While throned I seem on love?s divinest height 
?Mid all the glories glowing round its brow.