Charlotte Bronte

Here you will find the Poem Regret of poet Charlotte Bronte


Long ago I wished to leave 
" The house where I was born; " 
Long ago I used to grieve, 
My home seemed so forlorn. 
In other years, its silent rooms 
Were filled with haunting fears; 
Now, their very memory comes 
O'ercharged with tender tears. 

Life and marriage I have known, 
Things once deemed so bright; 
Now, how utterly is flown 
Every ray of light ! 
'Mid the unknown sea of life 
I no blest isle have found; 
At last, through all its wild wave's strife, 
My bark is homeward bound. 

Farewell, dark and rolling deep ! 
Farewell, foreign shore ! 
Open, in unclouded sweep, 
Thou glorious realm before ! 
Yet, though I had safely pass'd
That weary, vexed main, 
One loved voice, through surge and blast, 
Could call me back again. 

Though the soul's bright morning rose 
O'er Paradise for me, 
William ! even from Heaven's repose 
I'd turn, invoked by thee ! 
Storm nor surge should e'er arrest 
My soul, exulting then: 
All my heaven was once thy breast, 
Would it were mine again !