Christina Georgina Rossetti

Here you will find the Poem Herself A Rose Who Bore The Rose of poet Christina Georgina Rossetti

Herself A Rose Who Bore The Rose

Herself a rose, who bore the Rose, 
She bore the Rose and felt its thorn. 
All loveliness new-born 
Took on her bosom its repose, 
And slept and woke there night and morn. 
Lily herself, she bore the one 
Fair Lily; sweeter, whiter, far 
Than she or others are: 
The Sun of Righteousness her Son, 
She was His morning star. 
She gracious, He essential Grace, 
He was the Fountain, she the rill: 
Her goodness to fulfil 
And gladness, with proportioned pace 
He led her steps through good and ill. 
Christ's mirror she of grace and love, 
Of beauty and of life and death: 
By hope and love and faith 
Transfigured to His likeness, 'Dove, 
Spouse, Sister, Mother,' Jesus saith.