Czeslaw Milosz

Here you will find the Poem Unde Malum of poet Czeslaw Milosz

Unde Malum

Where does evil come from? 
It comes 
from man 
always from man 
only from man 
- Tadeusz Rozewicz 
Alas, dear Tadeusz, 
good nature and wicked man 
are romantic inventions 
you show us this way 
the depth of your optimism 
so let man exterminate 
his own species 
the innocent sunrise will illuminate 
a liberated flora and fauna 
where oak forests reclaim 
the postindustrial wasteland 
and the blood of a deer 
torn asunder by a pack of wolves 
is not seen by anyone 
a hawk falls upon a hare 
without witness 
evil disappears from the world 
and consciousness with it 
Of course, dear Tadeusz, 
evil (and good) comes from man.