Dame Mary Gilmore

Here you will find the Poem Marri'd of poet Dame Mary Gilmore


IT?S singin? in an? out, 
 An? feelin? full of grace; 
Here ?n? there, up an? down, 
 An? round about th? place. 
It?s rollin? up your sleeves, 
 An? whit?nin? up the hearth, 
An? scrubbin? out th? floors, 
 An? sweepin? down th? path; 
It?s bakin? tarts an? pies, 
 An? shinin? up th? knives; 
An? feelin? ?s if some days 
 Was worth a thousand lives. 
It?s watchin? out th? door, 
 An? watchin? by th? gate; 
An? watchin? down th? road, 
 An? wonderin? why he?s late; 
An? feelin? anxious-like, 
 For fear there?s something wrong; 
An? wonderin? why he?s kep?, 
 An? why he takes so long. 
It?s comin? back inside 
 An? sittin? down a spell, 
To sort of make believe 
 You?re thinkin? things is well. 
It?s gettin? up again 
 An? wand?rin? in an? out; 
An? feelin? wistful-like, 
 Not knowin? what about; 
An? flushin? all at once, 
 An? smilin? just so sweet, 
An? feelin? real proud 
 The place is fresh an? neat. 
An? feelin? awful glad 
 Like them that watch?d Silo?m; 
An? everything because 
 A man is comin? Home!