Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Here you will find the Poem Lost on Both Sides of poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Lost on Both Sides

As when two men have loved a woman well, 
Each hating each, through Love's and Death's deceit; 
Since not for either this stark marriage-sheet
And the long pauses of this wedding bell;
Yet o'er her grave the night and day dispel 
At last their feud forlorn, with cold and heat; 
Nor other than dear friends to death may fleet
The two lives left that most of her can tell:
So separate hopes, which in a soul had wooed
The one same Peace, strove with each other long,
And Peace before their faces perished since:
So through that soul, in restless brotherhood,
They roam together now, and wind among
Its bye-streets, knocking at the dusty inns.