David Herbert Lawrence

Here you will find the Poem The End of poet David Herbert Lawrence

The End

If I could have put you in my heart, 
If but I could have wrapped you in myself, 
How glad I should have been! 
And now the chart 
Of memory unrolls again to me
The course of our journey here, before we had to part.
And oh, that you had never, never been 
Some of your selves, my love, that some 
Of your several faces I had never seen! 
And still they come before me, and they go,
And I cry aloud in the moments that intervene. 
And oh, my love, as I rock for you to-night, 
And have not any longer any hope 
To heal the suffering, or make requite 
For all your life of asking and despair,
I own that some of me is dead to-night.