Dorothy Parker

Here you will find the Poem Nocturne of poet Dorothy Parker


Always I knew that it could not last
 (Gathering clouds, and the snowflakes flying),
Now it is part of the golden past
 (Darkening skies, and the night-wind sighing);
It is but cowardice to pretend.
 Cover with ashes our love's cold crater-
Always I've known that it had to end
 Sooner or later.

Always I knew it would come like this
 (Pattering rain, and the grasses springing),
Sweeter to you is a new love's kiss
 (Flickering sunshine, and young birds singing).
Gone are the raptures that once we knew,
 Now you are finding a new joy greater-
Well, I'll be doing the same thing, too,
 Sooner or later.