Edwin Arlington Robinson

Here you will find the Poem The Tree in Pamela's Garden of poet Edwin Arlington Robinson

The Tree in Pamela's Garden

Pamela was too gentle to deceive 
Her roses. ?Let the men stay where they are,? 
She said, ?and if Apollo?s avatar 
Be one of them, I shall not have to grieve.? 
And so she made all Tilbury Town believe
She sighed a little more for the North Star 
Than over men, and only in so far 
As she was in a garden was like Eve. 

Her neighbors?doing all that neighbors can 
To make romance of reticence meanwhile? 
Seeing that she had never loved a man, 
Wished Pamela had a cat, or a small bird, 
And only would have wondered at her smile 
Could they have seen that she had overheard.