Elinor Morton Wylie

Here you will find the Poem Nancy of poet Elinor Morton Wylie


You are a rose, but set with sharpest spine; 
You are a pretty bird that pecks at me; 
You are a little squirrel on a tree, 
Pelting me with the prickly fruit of the pine; 
A diamond, torn from a crystal mine, 
Not like that milky treasure of the sea, 
A smooth, translucent pearl, but skilfully 
Carven to cut, and faceted to shine.

If you are flame, it dances and burns blue; 
If you are light, it pierces like a star 
Intenser than a needlepoint of ice. 
The dextrous touch that shaped the soul of you, 
Mingled, to mix, and make you what you are, 
Magic between the sugar and the spice.