Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Here you will find the Poem Listen! of poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox


Whoever you are as you read this, 
 Whatever your trouble or grief, 
I want you to know and to heed this: 
 The day draweth near with relief.

No sorrow, no woe is unending, 
 Though heaven seems voiceless and dumb; 
So sure as your cry is ascending, 
 So surely an answer will come.

Whatever temptation is near you, 
 Whose eyes on this simple verse fall; 
Remember good angels will hear you
 And help you to stand, if you call.

Though stunned with despair I beseech you, 
 Whatever your losses, your need, 
Believe, when these printed words reach you, 
 Believe you were born to succeed.

You are stronger, I tell you, this minute, 
 Than any unfortunate fate! 
And the coveted prize - you can win it; 
 While life lasts 'tis never too late!