Elliott Napier

Here you will find the Poem All Men Are Free of poet Elliott Napier

All Men Are Free

`ALL men are free and equal born 
 Before the Law!? So runs the worn 
 And specious, lying, parrot-cry. 
 All men are free?to starve or sigh; 
But few to feed on Egypt?s corn. 
There toils the sweated slave, forlorn; 
There weeps the babe with hunger torn; 
 Dear God! Forgive us for the lie? 
 `All men are free!? 
That man may laugh while this must mourn; 
One?s heir to honour, one to scorn? 
 Were they born free? Were you? Was I? 
 No! Not when born, but when they die 
And of their robes?or rags?are shorn, 
 All men are free!