Emma Lazarus

Here you will find the Poem St Michael's Chapel of poet Emma Lazarus

St Michael's Chapel

When the vexed hubbub of our world of gain 
Roars round about me as I walk the street, 
The myriad noise of Traffic, and the beat 
Of Toil's incessant hammer, the fierce strain 
Of struggle hand to hand and brain to brain, 
Ofttimes a sudden dream my sense will cheat, 
The gaudy shops, the sky-piled roofs retreat, 
And all at once I stand enthralled again 
Within a marble minster over-seas. 
I watch the solemn gold-stained gloom that creeps 
To kiss an alabaster tomb, where sleeps 
A lady 'twixt two knights' stone effigies, 
And every day in dusky glory steeps 
Their sculptured slumber of five centuries.