Ezra Pound

Here you will find the Poem Amities of poet Ezra Pound



To one, on returning certain years after

You wore the same quite correct clothing,
You took no pleasure at all in my triumphs,
You had the same old air of condescension
Mingled with a curious fear
That I, myself, might have enjoyed them.
Te Voilel, mon Bourrienne, you also shall be immortal.

To another

And we say good-bye to you also,
For you seem never to have discovered
That your relationship is wholly parasitic;
Yet to our feasts you bring neither
Wit, nor good spirits, nor the pleasing attitudes
Of discipleship.

But you, bos amic, we keep on,
For you we owe a real debt:
In spite of your obvious flaws,
You once discovered a moderate chop-house.

Iste fuit vir incultus,
Deo Laus, quod est sepultus,
Vermes habent eius vultum
A-a-a-a ?A-men.
Ego autem jovialis
Gaudero contubernalis
Cum jocunda femina.