Frances Ellen Watkins

Here you will find the Poem Dandelions of poet Frances Ellen Watkins


Welcome children of the Spring, 
In your garbs of green and gold, 
Lifting up your sun-crowned heads 
On the verdant plain and wold. 

As a bright and joyous troop 
From the breast of earth ye came 
Fair and lovely are your cheeks, 
With sun-kisses all aflame. 

In the dusty streets and lanes, 
Where the lowly children play, 
There as gentle friends ye smile, 
Making brighter life's highway 

Dewdrops and the morning sun, 
Weave your garments fair and bright, 
And we welcome you to-day 
As the children of the light. 

Children of the earth and sun. 
We are slow to understand 
All the richness of the gifts 
Flowing from our Father's hand. 

Were our vision clearer far, 
In this sin-dimmed world of ours, 
Would we not more thankful be 
For the love that sends us flowers? 

Welcome, early visitants, 
With your sun-crowned golden hair, 
With your message to our hearts 
Of our Father's loving care.