Franklin P. Adams

Here you will find the Poem Glycera Rediviva of poet Franklin P. Adams

Glycera Rediviva

Horace: Book I, Ode 19

"Mater sæva Cupidinum"

Venus, the cruel mother of 
The Cupids (symbolising Love), 
Bids me to muse upon and sigh 
For things to which I've said "Good-bye!"

Believe me or believe me not, 
I give this Glycera girl a lot: 
Pure Parian marble are her arms-- 
And she has eighty other charms.

Venus has left her Cyprus home 
And will not let me pull a pome 
About the Parthians, fierce and rough, 
The Scythian war, and all that stuff.

Set up, O slaves, a verdant shrine! 
Uncork a quart of last year's wine! 
Place incense here, and here verbenas, 
And watch me while I jolly Venus!