Franklin P. Adams

Here you will find the Poem The Last Laugh of poet Franklin P. Adams

The Last Laugh

Horace: Epode 25

"Nox erat et cælo fulgebat Luna sereno---"

How sweet the moonlight sleeps," I quoted, 
"Upon this bank!" that starry night-- 
The night you vowed you'd be devoted-- 
I'll tell the world you held me tight.

The night you said until Orion 
Should cease to whip the wintry sea, 
Until the lamb should love the lion, 
You would, you swore, be all for me.

Some day Neæra, you'll be sorry. 
No mollycoddle swain am I. 
I shall not sit and pine, by gorry! 
Because you're with some other guy!

No, I shall turn my predilection 
Upon some truer, fairer Jane; 
And all your prayer and genuflection 
For my return shall be in vain.

And as for you, who choose to sneer, O, 
Though deals in lands and stocks you swing, 
Though handsome as a movie hero, 
Though wise you are, and everything;

Yet, when the loss of her you're mourning, 
How I shall laugh at all your woe! 
How I'll remind you of this warning, 
And laugh, "Ha! ha! I told you so!"