Franklin P. Adams

Here you will find the Poem To an Aged Cut-Up of poet Franklin P. Adams

To an Aged Cut-Up

Horace: Book III, Ode 15

"Uxor pauperis Ibyci,
Tandem nequitiæ fige modum tuæ--"


Dear Mrs. Ibycus, accept a little sound advice, 
Your manners and your speech are overbold; 
To chase around the sporty way you do is far from nice; 
Believe me, darling, you are growing old.

Now Pholoë may fool around (she dances like a doe!) 
A débutante has got to think of men; 
But you were twenty-seven over thirty years ago-- 
You ought to be asleep at half-past ten.

O Chloris, cut the ragging and the roses and the rum-- 
Delete the drink, or better, chop the booze! 
Go buy a skein of yarn and make the knitting needles hum, 
And imitate the art of Sister Suse.