Friedrich von Schiller

Here you will find the Poem Thekla - A Spirit Voice of poet Friedrich von Schiller

Thekla - A Spirit Voice

Whither was it that my spirit wended
 When from thee my fleeting shadow moved?
Is not now each earthly conflict ended?
 Say,--have I not lived,--have I not loved?

Art thou for the nightingales inquiring
 Who entranced thee in the early year
With their melody so joy-inspiring?
 Only whilst they loved they lingered here.

Is the lost one lost to me forever?
 Trust me, with him joyfully I stray
There, where naught united souls can sever,
 And where every tear is wiped away.

And thou, too, wilt find us in yon heaven,
 When thy love with our love can compare;
There my father dwells, his sins forgiven,--
 Murder foul can never reach him there.

And he feels that him no vision cheated
 When he gazed upon the stars on high;
For as each one metes, to him 'tis meted;
 Who believes it, hath the Holy nigh.

Faith is kept in those blest regions yonder
 With the feelings true that ne'er decay.
Venture thou to dream, then, and to wander
 Noblest thoughts oft lie in childlike play.