Henry King

Here you will find the Poem Psalm CL. of poet Henry King

Psalm CL.

Praise ye the Lord, your Songs address 
To praise His Holynes: 
O praise Him in His pow'rs extent, 
Who rules the firmament. 
Praise Him for all His acts of might, 
Our wonder which invite: 
In praises due His greatness tell, 
Which all things doth excell. 
Praise Him with Trumpets lofty sound, 
With Cornets shake the ground: 
His praise the Psaltery inspire, 
With the melodious Lyre. 
Praise him with Timbrells, and advance 
His honour in the Dance. 
Praise Him with Organs, Violls, Flutes, 
And the well-stringed Lutes. 
With Cymbals loud Him magnify, 
Praise Him on Cymbals high: 
Let every creature, that hath breath, 
His Maker praise till death.