Famous Poems of Henry King

Here you will find a collection of famous poems of Henry King. The list is ordered alphabatically. You can also browse other poems on different poem type using the poem types shown on the right side.

A Contemplation upon FlowersA Penitential HymneA Renunciation
A salutation of his Majesties Ship the SoveraignAn AcknowledgmentAN ELEGY Occasioned by the losse of the most incomparable Lady Stanhope, daughter to the Earl of Northumberland
AN ELEGY Upon Mrs. Kirk unfortunately drowned in ThamesAN ELEGY Upon my Best Friend L. K. C.AN ELEGY Upon S. W. R.
AN ELEGY Upon the death of Mr. Edward HoltAN ELEGY Upon the immature loss of the most vertuous Lady Anne RichAN ELEGY Upon the L. Bishop of London John King
AN ELEGY Upon the most Incomparable K. Charles the FirstAN ELEGY Upon the most victorious King of Sweden Gustavus AdolphusAN EPITAPH On his most honoured Friend Richard Earl of Dorset
An Epitaph on Niobe turned to StoneAnother of the same, paraphrased for an AnthemeAThe Anniverse. AN ELEGY.
By occasion of the Young Prince his happy birthExequy on his WifeLoves Harvest
Madam Gabrina, Or the Ill-favourd ChoiceMy Midnight MeditationOn the Earl of Essex
On two Children dying of one Disease, and buried in one GravePARADOX. That Fruition destroyes LovePARADOX. That it is best for a Young Maid to marry an Old Man
Psalm CL.Psalm CXVII.Psalm I.
Sic VitaSilence. A SonnetSONNET. Dry those fair, those chrystal eyes
SONNET. Go thou that vainly do'st mine eyes inviteSONNET. I prethee turn that face awaySONNET. Tell me you stars that our affections move
SONNET. The Double RockSONNET. To PatienceSONNET. VVere thy heart soft as thou art faire
SONNET. When I entreat, either thou wilt not hearSt. Valentines dayTell Me No More How Fair She Is
The AcquittanceThe Boyes answer to the BlackmoorThe Change
The DefenceThe Departure. AN ELEGY.The Dirge
The ExequyThe FarewellThe Forfeiture
The Forlorn HopeThe LabyrinthThe Legacy
The PinkThe RetreatThe short Wooing
The SurrenderThe Vow-BreakerTo a Friend upon Overbury's wife given to her