Henry Vaughan

Here you will find the Poem Son-Days of poet Henry Vaughan



Bright shadows of true Rest! some shoots of bliss, 
Heaven once a week; 
The next world's gladness prepossest in this; 
A day to seek; 
Eternity in time; the steps by which 
We Climb above all ages; Lamps that light 
Man through his heap of dark days; and the rich, 
And full redemption of the whole week's flight. 


The Pulleys unto headlong man; time's bower; 
The narrow way; 
Transplanted Paradise; God's walking hour; 
The Cool o'th' day; 
The Creatures' _Jubilee_; God's parle with dust; 
Heaven here; Man on the hills of Myrrh, and flowers; 
Angels descending; the Returns of Trust; 
A Gleam of glory, after six-days'-showers. 


The Church's love-feasts; Time's Prerogative, 
And Interest 
Deducted from the whole; The Combs, and hive, 
And home of rest. 
The milky way chalked out with suns; a clue 
That guides through erring hours; and in full story 
A taste of Heav'n on earth; the pledge, and cue 
Of a full feast: And the Out Courts of glory.