Inez K Hyland

Here you will find the Poem Bread and Wine of poet Inez K Hyland

Bread and Wine

A cup of opal 
Through which there glows 
The cream of the pearl, 
The heart of the rose; 
And the blue of the sea 
Where Australia lies, 
And the amber flush 
Of her sunset skies, 
And the emerald tints 
Of the dragon fly 
Shall stain my cup 
With their brilliant dye. 
And into this cup 
I would pour the wine 
Of youth and health 
And the gifts divine 
Of music and song, 
And the sweet content 
Which must ever belong 
To a life well spent. 
And what bread would I break 
With my wine, think you? 
The bread of a love 
That is pure and true.