Jacques Tahureau

Here you will find the Poem Moonlight of poet Jacques Tahureau


The high Midnight was garlanding her head 
With many a shining star in shining skies, 
And, of her grace, a slumber on mine eyes, 
And, after sorrow, quietness was shed. 
Far in dim fields cicadas jargonéd 
A thin shrill clamour of complaints and cries; 
And all the woods were pallid, in strange wise, 
With pallor of the sad moon overspread. 

Then came my lady to that lonely place, 
And, from her palfrey stooping, did embrace 
And hang upon my neck, and kissed me over; 
Wherefore the day is far less dear than night, 
And sweeter is the shadow than the light, 
Since night has made me such a happy lover.