Jacques Tahureau

Here you will find the Poem Shadows of His Lady of poet Jacques Tahureau

Shadows of His Lady

Within the sand of what far river lies 
The gold that gleams in tresses of my Love? 
What highest circle of the Heavens above 
Is jewelled with such stars as are her eyes? 
And where is the rich sea whose coral vies 
With her red lips, that cannot kiss enough? 
What dawn-lit garden knew the rose, whereof 
The fled soul lives in her cheeks? rosy guise? 

What Parian marble that is loveliest, 
Can match the whiteness of her brow and breast? 
When drew she breath from the Sabaean glade? 
Oh happy rock and river, sky and sea, 
Gardens, and glades Sabaean, all that be 
The far-off splendid semblance of my maid!