James Hebblethwaite

Here you will find the Poem Wanderers of poet James Hebblethwaite


AS I rode in the early dawn, 
 While stars were fading white, 
I saw upon a grassy slope 
 A camp-fire burning bright; 
With tent behind and blaze before, 
 Three loggers in a row 
Sang all together joyously? 
 Pull up the stakes and go! 
As I rode on by Eagle Hawk, 
 The wide blue deep of air, 
The wind through the glittering leaves, 
 The flowers so sweet and fair, 
The thunder of the rude salt waves, 
 The creek?s soft overflow, 
All joined in chorus to the words? 
 Pull up the stakes and go! 

Now by the tent on forest skirt, 
 By odour of the earth, 
By sight and scent of morning smoke, 
 By evening camp-fire?s mirth, 
By deep-sea call and foaming green, 
 By new stars? gleam and glow, 
By summer trails in antique lands? 
 Pull up the stakes and go! 

The world is wide, and we are young, 
 And sounding marches beat, 
And passion pipes her sweetest call 
 In lane and field and street; 
So rouse the chorus, brothers all, 
 We?ll something have to show 
When Death comes round and strikes our tent? 
 Pull up the stakes and go!