James Henry Leigh Hunt

Here you will find the Poem On Receiving a Crown of Ivy from John Keats of poet James Henry Leigh Hunt

On Receiving a Crown of Ivy from John Keats

It is a lofty feeling, yet a kind, 
Thus to be topped with leaves;--to have a sense 
Of honour-shaded thought,--an influence 
As from great nature's fingers, and be twined 
With her old, sacred, verdurous ivy-bind, 
As though she hallowed with that sylvan fence 
A head that bows to her benevolence, 
Midst pomp of fancied trumpets in the wind. 

It is what's within us crowned. And kind and great 
Are all the conquering wishes it inspires, 
Love of things lasting, love of the tall woods, 
Love of love's self, and ardour for a state 
Of natural good befitting such desires, 
Towns without gain, and hunted solitudes.