James Shirley

Here you will find the Poem Two Gentlemen That Broke Their Promise of poet James Shirley

Two Gentlemen That Broke Their Promise

There is no faith in claret, and it shall 
Henceforth with me be held apocryphal. 
I'll trust a small-beer promise, nay, a troth 
Washed in the Thames, before a French wine oath. 
That grape, they say, is binding; yes, 'tis so, 
And it has made your souls thus costive too. 
Circe transformed the Greeks; no hard design, 
For some can do as much with claret wine 
Upon themselves; witness you two, allowed 
Once honest, now turned air, and à la mode. 
Begin no health in this, or if by chance 
The King's 'twill question your allegiance; 
And men will, after all your ruffling, say 
You drink as some do fight, in the French way: 
Engage and trouble many, when 'tis known 
You spread their interest to wave your own. 
Away with this false Christian: it shall be 
An excommunicate from mirth, and me; 
Give me the Catholic diviner flame, 
To light me to the fair Odelia's name; 
'Tis sack that justifies both man and verse, 
Whilst you in Lethe-claret still converse. 
Forget your own names next; and when you look 
With hope to find, be lost in the church-book.