Joachim du Bellay

Here you will find the Poem Hymm to the Winds of poet Joachim du Bellay

Hymm to the Winds

To you, troop so fleet, 
That with winged wandering feet, 
Through the wide world pass, 
And with soft murmuring 
Toss the green shades of spring 
In woods and grass, 
Lily and violet 
I give, and blossoms wet, 
Roses and dew; 
This branch of blushing roses, 
Whose fresh bud uncloses, 
Wind-flowers too. 
Ah, winnow with sweet breath, 
Winnow the holt and heath, 
Round this retreat; 
Where all the golden morn 
We fan the gold o? the corn, 
In the sun?s heat.