John Le Gay Brereton

Here you will find the Poem Waking of poet John Le Gay Brereton


ABOVE us hangs the jewelled night; 
And how her restful cool caresses 
Make us forget the weary sight 
Of summer?s daily wildernesses! 
 O aching toil and hope deferred, 
The night has made a promise to me; 
She whispered, and a wonder stirred, 
And still the joy is thrilling through me. 
 Smooth water, shadow deeply still, 
I dare not move, you wait unsleeping 
?You share the breathless hopes that fill 
The watch my longing soul is keeping. 
 A fish is leaping in the bay; 
The shafts of yellow light are shaking. 
O glorious night and happy day, 
Beneath my silent heart she?s waking.