John Liddell Kelly

Here you will find the Poem Immortality of poet John Liddell Kelly


At twenty-five I cast my horoscope, 
   And saw a future with all good things rife -- 
   A firm assurance of eternal life 
In worlds beyond, and in this world the hope 
Of deathless fame. But now my sun doth slope 
   To setting, and the toil of sordid strife, 
   The care of food and raiment, child and wife, 
Have dimmed and narrowed all my spirit's scope. 

Eternal life -- a river gulphed in sands! 
   Undying fame -- a rainbow lost in clouds! 
   What hope of immortality remains 
But this: "Some soul that loves and understands 
   Shall save thee from the darkness that enshrouds"; 
   And this: "Thy blood shall course in others' veins"?