John Williams

Here you will find the Poem Ode To The Only Girl of poet John Williams

Ode To The Only Girl

I've seen you many times in many places--
 Theater, bus, train, or on the street;
 Smiling in spring rain, in winter sleet,
 Eyes of any hue in myriad faces;
 Midnight black, all shades of brown your hair,
 Long, short, bronze or honey-fair.
 Instantly have I loved, have never spoken;
 Slowly a truck passed, a light changed,
 A door closed--all seemingly pre-arranged--
 Then you were gone forever, the spell was broken.
 Ubiquitios only one, we've met before
 A hundred times, and we'll meet again
 As many more; in hills or forest glen,
 On crowded street or lonely, peaceful shore;
 Somewhere, someday--but how will we ever know
 True love, how wil we ever know?