Joseph Rodman Drake

Here you will find the Poem Song: Oh the Tear of poet Joseph Rodman Drake

Song: Oh the Tear

Oh the tear is in my eye, and my heart it is breaking, 
Thou hast fled from me, Connor, and left me forsaken; 
Bright and warm was our morning, but soon has it faded, 
For I gave thee a true heart, and thou hast betrayed it. 

Thy footsteps I followed in darkness and danger, 
From the home of my love to the land of the stranger; 
Thou wert mine through the tempest, the blight, and the burning; 
Could I think thou wouldst change when the morn was returning. 

Yet peace to thy heart, though from mine it must sever, 
May she love thee as I loved, alone and for ever; 
I may weep for thy loss, but my faith is unshaken, 
And the heart thou hast widowed will bless thee in breaking.