Joseph Seamon Cotter

Here you will find the Poem Ego of poet Joseph Seamon Cotter


Day passeth day in sunshine or shadow, 
Night unto night each cycle is told; 
Sun, moon and stars in whirling and glamour, 
All unto all the creation unfold.

What of the strivings, what of the gropings, 
Out from the darkness into the light? 
What of the weepings, what of the grievings 
Now from the day to the passionate night?

Stars of the stars, heavens of the heavens, 
Rising or falling or pausing a span, 
Each to the great "I am" replying 
E'en as the crystal, e'en as man.

Chant of the worlds from aeon to aeon, 
Song of the soul from dust unto dust, 
Dream of the clods that, upward and starward, 
Rise to the call of the primal "Thou must."

Space beyond space, eternity's vision, 
Chaos to chaos, calm unto calm, 
World beneath world, heaven above heaven, 
Life but the urge, death but the balm.