Lee Harwood

Here you will find the Poem Soft White of poet Lee Harwood

Soft White

When the sea is as grey as her eyes
On these days for sure        the soft white
mist blown in from the ocean        the town dissolving
It all adds up        her bare shoulders

Nakedness        rolling in from the sea
on winter afternoons - a fine rain
looking down on the sand        & shingle
the waves breaking on the shore        & white

It is impossible to deny what
taken by surprise        then wonder
the many details of her body
to be held first now        then later

In body & mind        the fine rain outside
on winter afternoons        the nakedness
of her bare shoulders        as grey as her eyes
the sea rushing up the beach as white as

The whole outline called 'geography'
meeting at a set of erotic points
lips    shoulders    breasts    stomach
the town dissolves        sex    thighs    legs

Outside        then across her nakedness
it rains in the afternoon        then the wonder
her body so young & firm        dissolves the town
in winter        grey as her eyes