Lesbia Harford

Here you will find the Poem An Improver of poet Lesbia Harford

An Improver

Maisie's been holding down her head all day, 
Her little red head. And her pointed chin 
Rests on her neck that slips so softly in 
The square-cut low-necked darling dress she made 
In such a way, since it's high-waisted too, 
It lets you guess how fair young breasts begin 
Under the gentle pleasant folds of blue. 
But on the roof at lunchtime when the sun 
Shone warmly and the wind was blowing free 
She lifted up her head to let me see 
A little rosy mark beneath the chin? 
The mark of kisses. If her mother knew 
She'd be ashamed, but a girl-friend like me 
Made her feel proud to show her kisses to.