Lesbia Harford

Here you will find the Poem Green and blue of poet Lesbia Harford

Green and blue

Green and blue 
First-named of colours believe these two. 
They first of colours by men were seen 
This grass colour, tree colour, 
Sky colour, sea colour, 
Magic-named, mystic-souled, blue and green. 
Later came 
Small subtle colours like tongues of flame, 
Small jewel colours for treasure trove, 
Not fruit colour, flower colour, 
Cloud colour, shower colour, 
But purple, amethyst, violet and mauve. 
These remain, 
Two broad fair colours for our larger gain 
Stretched underfoot or spreading wide on high, 
Green beech colour, vine colour, 
Gum colour, pine colour, 
Blue of the noonday and the moonlit sky.