Louisa Stuart Costello

Here you will find the Poem Song.If those dark eyes of poet Louisa Stuart Costello

Song.If those dark eyes

If those dark eyes have gazed on me, 
 Unconscious of their power? 
The glance in secret ecstasy 
 I've treasured many an hour. 
If that soft voice, a single word 
 Has breathed for me to hear, 
Like Heaven's entrancing airs, the chord 
 Resounded on my ear. 

And yet, alas! too well I knew 
 That love?or hope?was vain, 
The fountain whence delight I drew 
 Would end in yielding pain! 
My folly and my peace at once 
 A moment could destroy; 
It bade me every wish renounce, 
 And broke my dream of joy