Louisa Stuart Costello

Here you will find the Poem The Past of poet Louisa Stuart Costello

The Past

Oh! how sad the recollection! in the midst of joy it
What a train of faded pleasures that fond idea brings!
All those hours are gone for ever?they were sweet, but
 pass'd away
Like the sunny clouds that vanish in the midst of dying

I have number'd all the sorrows this tortured heart has
I have counted each delight I would ever call my own;
But the moments are so woven, that the guiding clew is
And the sorrow and the pleasure blended into one.

That one?oh! when we parted, it was glittering in that
That one?'twas in the accents that told we both were

It dwelt in those fond glances, too fleet, too early past;
It lived in that embrace?the tenderest?the last!

The last! oh, in that word there are ages of despair!
No summer thought of brightness can dwell untroubled
Yet my soul was in that moment so fraught with joy and
And ' tis only recollection can give back the soul again!