Lucy Maud Montgomery

Here you will find the Poem Forever of poet Lucy Maud Montgomery



With you I shall ever be; 
Over land and sea 
My thoughts will companion you; 
With yours shall my laughter chime, 
And my step keep time 
In the dusk and dew 
With yours in blithesome rhyme; 
In all of your joy shall I rejoice, 
On my lips your sorrow shall find a voice, 
And when your tears in bitterness fall 
Mine shall mingle with them all; 
With you in waking and dream I shall be, 
In the place of shadow and memory, 
Under young springtime moons, 
And on harvest noons, 
And when the stars are withdrawn 
From the white pathway of the dawn. 


O, my friend, nothing shall ever part
My soul from yours, yours from my heart!
I am yours and you mine, in silence and in speech,
Death will only seal us each to each.
Through the darkness we shall fare with fearless jest,
Starward we shall go on a joyous new quest;
There be many worlds, as we shall prove,
Many suns and systems, but only one love!